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We Don’t Have to be Homeless!

Well, I promised everyone another update. It’s been about a week since our last post, so I suppose I can write something. We’ve got some very exciting news to share with everyone! Read on to find out more.

This blog post is sponsored by SquareSpace. Just kidding. This blog post is completely unsponsored and posted of my own free will with a $0 budget.

Seriously though, our exciting news is that we’ve been provided with a place to live while we’re in France! Pére Pierre, a priest who is on the board of the Maria Skobtsova House where we’ll be serving, began searching shortly after our visit in April. We had a Zoom call with him a couple of weeks ago, where he let us know that he had been in touch with the father of one of his parishioners. The gentleman is enthusiastic about our ministry and the work among the exiled people of Calais we’ll be doing, and so he offered to rent us a townhome that he owns for an exceptional price!

The house is a three bedroom row home in southern Calais. He’s recently put in a new heating unit. It has three stories and two bathrooms, as well as a good-sized kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. There is no backyard, but there is a small courtyard with a lovely sliding door to let in the natural light. I’ll definitely keep some potted plants out there. He’s agreed to rent it to us for around 200 Euros less per month than the normal price for a similar home in Calais. Since housing is already affordable in town, you can imagine how amazing this deal is.

We mention this to say that God is good. We have seen God’s provision throughout our process of becoming missionaries, and it is constantly amazing to see the beautiful, loving people God has put in our paths, both here and in France (I guess we can say in London too, if you want to include Simon. He’s OK too, I guess.). We love seeing the way that God has worked through the people we meet, and we know that we will be blessed as we seek to serve those in exile in Calais in Jesus’ name.

Thank you all for your prayers as we continue the intensive process of packing and moving overseas. Also learning French.

Now a word from our actual sponsor, Micaiah Givens. Micaiah has this to say: "My tummy is hot. I need to eat ice cream to cool it down."

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