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Image by Alexis Mette

Our Mission

Why Doesn't Anyone Want Us?

"Why doesn't anyone want us?" is the question asked by people in exile in Calais, France. This has actually been voiced by them in those exact words. And why wouldn't they thing that? The police constantly antagonize them; many of the French nationals don't want them; the local government will not offer them refugee status; they have no access to shelter or healthcare or basic necessities; they have been stripped of their dignity as human beings. All this has come even after they have fled their home countries where they suffered unimaginable violence and danger and made a perilous journey across multiple countries and continents to seek a place where they would be safe and welcome. It really doesn't seem like anyone wants them. But that's a lie. They have inherent worth and dignity as human beings created in the image of a loving God.

That's where we come in. We have been called to uproot our lives and become immigrants to reach the immigrants in Calais. We will manage the Maria Skobtsova House, which houses the most vulnerable amongst these people. We will seek to maintain a prayerful presence and a loving light in what seems like deep darkness. With the help of our God, we will demonstrate to as many people as we can that they are loved and wanted. Our hope is that they will never have to ask why no one wants them again, because they will know that we want them and that Jesus loves them with all of his heart.

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