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Helpful Information

What is the Maria 
Skobtsova House?

The Maria Skobtsova House exists primarily to maintain a prayerful presence in Calais. It does this by both housing those exiles who are most vulnerable, such as women and children, and by following daily prayer rhythms several times daily that are open to all.

Why Calais?

Calais is a beautiful seaside town that is one end of the Channel Tunnel between England and mainland Europe. Thus, it has attracted thousands of people who are fleeing their home countries due to violence and deprivation, and who are on their way to England. Many thousands of people have gathered there as they try to cross the English Channel. They are mistreated by the police and do not have access to basic services.

Why Mennonite Mission Network (MMN)?

MMN's mission and vision are "

[We] exist to lead, mobilize and equip the church to participate in holistic witness to Jesus Christ in a broken world. 

We envision every congregation and all parts of the church being fully engaged in mission—​across the street, all through the marketplaces and around the world.​​​"

We believe MMN's mission and vision line up very closely with our desire to love our neighbor as ourselves and to seek out where God is already at work in the world. Calais is one such place where God is at work, and we will be joining in with God's work among those in exile there.

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