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Just Throw it all Away

I realize it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on our website or social media. There’s an easy explanation for this: I’m lazy We’re really busy getting ready to move across the ocean. I promise we’ve been recording footage to make a YouTube update. Maybe I’ll get on Rachel’s case to edit it tomorrow evening… She’s much better at that stuff than I am. We’ll have a newsletter coming out in a few weeks as well, so we won’t leave you in the dark concerning our lives. Right now, I’ll just give a little update about what the next few months look like for us.

This month we are looking through all the things in our apartment to determine what we need right now, what can be donated, and what can be put in storage. Sometimes I just kind of want to throw everything out. Additionally, we’re trying to decide what we can take to France with us and what we’ll have to leave. Next month we’ll begin packing our belongings to move out of our apartment in Minnesota. We’ll be taking the majority of our things to store at a climate-controlled facility near Rachel’s sister and her husband in Des Moines. This includes furniture, electronics, appliances, and anything else we might need if we decide to return to live in the United States some years down the line.

July will be our final month in the US for the next couple years. During July we’ll be taking a trip to visit a supporting church and Mennonite Mission Network’s head office in Elkhart, Indiana. We wanted to take our pop-up camper on one last trip before we have to say goodbye to it for the time-being. After our trip, we’ll be staying between Rachel’s mom’s house and my sister’s house until it’s time to leave. The first week of August we’ll be flying to France to begin our new lives!

As you can see, our lives are pretty crazy at the moment. We have most weekends booked between now and mid-June, because we want to spend as much time with friends and family as we can before we go. We will also need to visit the French consulate in Chicago at some point in the near future in order to apply for our visas. As a result, we don’t have much time for anything else.

Please be praying for us, Friends. We sent in our passports for renewal a few weeks ago, and so we’re hoping to receive the new ones in a reasonable amount of time so we can apply for our visas. We also have many things to go through and many things to do.

All that said, we also have some very good news! Because I don’t want this update to be too long, I’ll leave you on a cliffhanger. Suffice it to say, we have had a major answer to prayer in the last week. I’ll share another update shortly to fill you all in on that.


Left (Credit - Travis Fincham, Rachel's brother-in-law): Rachel's sister, Janelle; Rachel; Rachel's brother, Michael; front: Rachel's grandma, Louise; Rachel's mom, Gail.

Middle top (credit - Rachel's cousin, Nicole): Rachel's cousins hanging out together.

Middle bottom: We got to ride in the tractor with Rachel's brother, Philip.

Right (Credit - Travis Fincham): Us with Rachel's mom and grandma, Louise.

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