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February 2021 Newsletter

Friends, as our family begins the New Year, we are filled with hope for the future.

We pray that the pandemic can be stamped out and our lives can regain some

sense of normality. At the same time, we’ve spent some time reflecting on just

how good our lives are, even in the midst of this global pandemic. Life is not so

easy for many thousands of people around the world, many of whom have end-

ed up in Calais. Allow us to paint a picture of what these exiles are facing as they

search for a better life for their families.

Many of the exiles in Calais—we call them exiles because they have never been granted official refugee status—are from Central African countries such as Eritrea. Eritrea has been called one of the most oppressive nations in the world.The humanitarian organization Choose Love describes the situation in Eritrea thusly:

Eritrea has a totalitarian government… (read more in the pdf below)

February 2021 Calais Newsletter
Download PDF • 632KB

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